Monday, April 27, 2015

Short listed for the Reportager Award 2015

After hundreds of entries were made their way through a series of judging, my graphic memoir The American Immigrant has made the short list for the Reportage Award 2015. The award, sponsored by Reportager and Moleskin, encourages new, existing and emerging talent and projects in the area of reportage and documentary drawing. It also seeks out original projects, which are journalistic and documentary in nature and are created from original primary research sourced on location by the artist.

In addition to the award and grant, Moleskine reserves the right to commission the winning artist/journalist to report on an event (timing, location, and event to be at Moleskine's discretion). Travel expenses, accommodation, and subsistence up to the value of £1700, will be available.

The exhibit will be at the University of the West of England F Block Gallery (Bower Ashton Campus) in Bristol, UK, from May 8th to the May 15th (save for the 11th, which it will be open for private viewing).

This is definitely not a show to miss, especially if you're a huge fan of documentary drawing and comics journalism. I'll be featuring quite a few never-before-seen pages from my first book, so you have no excuse to not make it if you're living in the UK!

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