Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Symbolia Magazine Launch!

Hey everyone, I got some really exciting news about a new start-up publication set to launch on the iPad next month called Symbolia: The Tablet Magazine of Ilustrated Journalism. It's a monthly publication that fuses comics and journalism to bring interesting stories from all over the world for your viewing pleasure.

Erin Polgreen , co-founder of Symbolia, has this to say:

Our preview issue features illustrated and reported work by many of the amazing folks on this list: Susie Cagle, Sarah Glidden, Andy Warner, Lauren Sommer, Kat Fajardo, Chris A. Smith and Damien Scogin.

I'm writing today with an early request: Can you help get the word out next week? Your support will help push the entire comics journalism field forward and bring Symbolia closer to sustainability.

Here's why your support matters: I am committed to paying Symbolia's contributors, and am working to raise my rates to more competitive levels. Our main source of revenue right now is subscriptions. The more subscriptions we can sell in the first month of publication, the sooner we can raise rates and book more content.

More about Symbolia: Each issue of Symbolia is packed with ground-breaking, insightful stories by world-class illustrators and journalists, stunning infographics, video reports, exclusive audio, and more.

Founded by Erin Polgreen and Joyce Rice, Symbolia is available as an interactive iPad app and will be available as an ebook and via PDF subscription soon. Subscriptions to Symbolia are $11.99 for six issues, and single issues are $2.99.

You can read more about Symbolia at:
The Chicago Tribune
The National
The Columbia Journalism Review

Be sure to support!

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