Saturday, March 9, 2013

Silence over the past couple of months

If you've been browsing my blog for the past couple of months, you've probably noticed the lack of messages (along with the heavy delay in responses to any emails lately.) Deeply apologize for the lack of involvement, but mostly I've been caught up starting a new job teaching over at an orphanage in West Seoul. Because of this teaching job I've been doing a bit less drawing and leaning more on the writing and research part of my comics and this has been having a negative impact on any of my updates here.

The good news though is that the first book of my series "The American Immigrant: Philippines" has made it finally over the halfway mark of completion and the book should be finished by Christmas of this year. Huzzah!

Also, as part of a submission pitch proposal that I'm putting together for July, expect a possible full preview chapter to be hashed out in the next few months that will be uploaded here. Hope to be back to regular updates soon and I'll catch you all around!


  1. Those are some exciting updates. hope to catch up with you soon. good luck with the new job, and have fun with it all! :)

  2. Erik, you are awesome! I need to get your Mom on a computer!
    Your Auntie