Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blog is open for business

Whew I'm finally getting this thing up and running, and it only took me three months to get everything moderately uploaded? May as well then get on with a short introduction about myself...

My name is Erik Thurman, and I am a soon to be a 25 year old graduate of San Jose State University in California, USA. My area of emphasis is in Illustration, Anthropology, Creative Writing, Linguistics, and Journalism; essentially everything under the sun. I'm preparing now for the next body of work that I'll be conducting within the next couple of years, "The American Immigrant". The story is essentially about my experiences traveling through the Philippines and South Korea working as an Art and English instructor to pay off surmounting debts from college, all put together in a larger graphic novel. I hope to share these experiences with my viewers throughout my trip while occasionally uploading some of the art and interviews that I have overseas. My aim is to show the repercussions of a slowly unaffordable and unobtainable education system within the USA and what it means for our society within the near future.

Hope you all enjoy the ride...

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