Monday, July 2, 2012

Call for a Reliable Editor and a New Comic

Today I want to bring up a difficulty that I've been having for the past several months, finding a reliable and consistent editor to take a look through my drafts and thumbnails for my stories. Many times I find myself entering arrangements with fellow artists and writers in which we edit each others work, but I always feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick. I always try to be extremely diligent in getting someone's else work edited (most often before I even touch my own work) and all I ask in this sort of arrangement is that the other person commit to being consistent in return.

An example were I had trouble with this was with my last editor, who I asked for two chapters to be reviewed within three weeks. Not only was this timeline not met, but this person completely disappeared for over a month without giving me any notice or chance to find someone else. When given a second chance on another couple of chapters over two weeks, the person disappeared once again for a month. And this is a person who I've pulled through on many a night to make sure that their work was completed for reviews when they were a university student. At the rate of speed that I work at, I can't be held up over a minor edit for over a month.

So what I'm asking through this post is if anyone would like to enter a mutual arrangement of editing, where we can both look over each others work within a reasonable amount of time. Ideally I'm looking for a comic artist, but any creative writer or visual artist would suffice as long as they can give worthwhile feedback and have a general understanding of a comic artist's workflow.

 ie. Rough draft -> Breakdowns -> Thumbnails -> Pencils -> Inks -> Lettering

If you'd be interested please contact me and I'd love to work with you.

On one last note, my girlfriend and I have just finished up a new short story, "What Haunts Us," hopefully to be released this Fall. Keep your eyes peeled with more information in the future!

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