Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Going to Malaysia, out of work soon, comic exercise

Plans are all set and I'll be traveling abroad again for the first time in year, this time out to Malaysia for a little bit of journalism work and partially for vacation (first time ever?!). Hope to actually produce a comic coming up for a publisher in the next few weeks, so going to keep things under wraps until I can provide more information about that. But I promise this story is going to be a good one!

As far as an update on life, my contract with Taereung High School in East Seoul is coming to an end in two weeks and I still haven't found a job here in Korea. Things might be a bit tricky and I might have to take time off from the bigger book that I'm working on to tend to life problems. I know I keep talking about this "American Immigrant" novel and yet not showing that I'm producing any work for it, but trust me I'm almost already up to 50 pages penciled on it so far and I'm going to be inking in the near future.

Last thing is that I do want to show some art that I had originally did in university, got halfway done on, and gave up. Been sitting on my external hard drive for almost 1 1/2 years and I just took the rest of a day to sit down and finish it off. It feels so good to paint again after pencilling for months. So here it is, pulled from a small prompt I got out of Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" trilogy (a must read for all visual artists, not just comic artists). Goal was to tell an ambiguous story about a cop, a crook, and a third person and be a bit more complex and subtle at the same time in the storytelling. Figured to add another challenge by rendering the whole thing digitally. Originally had the story called "French 25," but looking back I'm not too crazy about the name, either way here it is...

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