Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Working with the The Nib on Medium.com

About a year ago, a new digital platform called The Nib on Medium.com opened up its binary doors online. This publication, led by Matt Bors and Eleri Harris, seeks to promote the best in comics journalism, political cartoons, humor, and non-fiction that is being produced by some of the most talented author/artists today. Words with pictures, kicking butt. And recently, I was contacted by one of their editors to see if I'd be interested in collaborating with them on stories about current events and social issues.

My first story up takes us to the Gulf nation of Qatar, in which migrant workers from all over South Asia flock to in order to make a living. But that living comes at a price...

A Debt-To-Slave Pipeline is Building You a World Cup Stadium now on The Nib!
Click the image above to get an in-depth view about the conditions that migrants workers have to face over in Qatar, along with the key players that continue to perpetuate this modern-day slavery. Be on the lookout for more of my comics journalism in the future and check out some of the other awesome comics on The Nib!

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  1. That is so awesome...both your being on The Nib and your socially conscious cartoon(s)! Such a wonderful way to educate people about this and other important issues.